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Dear readers, if you so wish, you can download a few documents from the Library.

We have created a few beginner type documents on topics such as :

Free Resource 1 : Becoming A Serial Compounder

If you want to become a serial compounder, I make the argument here that one has to be able to stand in opposition of the crowd and become one’s own adviser. This is the contrarian principle I have spoken about in many of my articles. If the companies which you are invested in are well known large caps, a consequence of that is a high price to for ownership of a security. That is also the reason why I stay away from well followed companies. You know the names of these companies. They are Apple, Facebook, Google and more. In Singapore where I reside, the more common names are Singtel, DBS Bank etc. Well, generally, I do stay away from them unless there is a compelling reason to take a closer look.

Free Resource 2 : Don’t Try To Be Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett’s stocks are characterised by sustainable competitive advantages and holding till Kingdom come scenarios. To be honest, I have not reached that Utopian situation where I can just buy something like See’s Candies and hold forever. I think of myself as a capital recycler. I continuously switch between what I estimate to be fairly valued stocks to  undervalued stocks. This is the bedrock on my philosophy of selling.

Besides, in a world of impermanence, the  idea of holding forever is a far fetched one for me currently.

Free Resource 3 : Investing & Speculation

Investors often do not understand the difference between investing and speculation. While it is not wrong to speculate at times, you have got to know when you are doing it, your possible upside and your maximum possible loss. For starters,  be an investor and not a speculator.

Free Resource 4 : Margin Of Safety

Intelligent investors rely on a margin of safety. The idea is to have an edge as compared to the rest of the market.  Where does that edge come from? It comes from intelligent analysis and consistently buying into undervalued securities with a margin of safety.


As always, may you be blessed with prosperity,  health and happiness!


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I have been an investor for 15 years now and my journey has meandered from Warren Buffett to Ben Graham. My start, like many, really was the naive idea that Buffett's skills could be replicated in some fashion. I was proven wrong when some of the supposed stock picks that I chose had dismal performances. Then, I learnt that it is no point trying to be someone I am not. Gradually, through failure and some success in deep value investing, my approach towards stocks gradually shifted to an approach based around Graham's techniques. So, I give credit where credit is due and to Ben Graham, I and many other investors around the world, owe him a great deal. So, if you want to read up on biographies, read about Ben Graham. His seminal work, Security Analysis is a gem. My books are just rich interpretations of what he has taught.

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