One of the aims of this website and blog is to share and perhaps help others who are starting on their journey of value investing. We do that by offering premium services as described somewhere on this site.

But more importantly, as I have mentioned in my books, TheHolyFinancier is an honest expression of my thoughts on investing. Even if none visited this, the person I am writing for is mainly myself. It is sort of an outlet if you will for the introvert in me. By stepping out of my shell,writing and sharing with others, I hope to be able to create serendipity in my life. And the only way one can create serendipity, as I believe, is to put myself out there.

Ben Graham did say once upon a time that he would like to fill each day with “something foolish, something creative and something generous”. So in the same vein, I hope to put out something foolish, something creative and be somewhat generous with this website each and every day. And of course, sometimes, I hope to be able to laugh at myself through this blog. Life is best lived cheerily don’t you think?

I am an investor at heart and a writer these days and I am open to meaningful conversations, collaboration, writing assignments,speaking engagements and a cup of coffee with like minded souls. And of course, not to mention, great company! If you’d like to contact us about our services or for some other matter, please do so at the given address:

As always, may you be blessed with prosperity, health and a supreme happiness!