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Leader Electronics Corporation Stock Code : 6867

  It has been a long time since I actually had the time to sit down and write. I would like to keep this article short and sweet. Perhaps, maybe this article will allow me to portray the "contrarian" in me.  And by the way, I am invested in Leader Electronics Corporation. So first and foremost, a little profile of Leader Electronics Corporation. About Leader Electronics Corporation Leader Electronics Corporation is in the business of developing measuring instruments and it is a small company  with only 79 employees. Its headquarters is in Japan. Some of the instruments which it develops are: (more…)

Benjamin Graham

The Case For Cosmosteel Holdings Ltd

  Feeling a sense of peace and calm in my life currently, I felt it was time for another article. The hustle of life does get to one sometimes . The chaos, the noise, the incessant flow of the river of life and meaningless, unnecessary unproductive going on's drain my limited life force. Until I find my centre again. And this is my centre. This is it right here. I am living the life I want. Oh! The annual reports. The daily chatter in my mind of earnings, assets, balance sheets and dividends. I start to love my life again immediately. I was born to do this! I love counting and the deepest echoes of my soul tell me this : That I Am Aware Once Again. (more…)

Hong Kong

Emperor Watch & Oriental Watch Updates!

The morning breeze, the aroma of breakfast and the hustle and bustle of the city surrounds me like a everchanging kaleidesocpe as I dreamily think of the next article that I can write to benefit investors. I flip open my app and I see something in surprise. Oriental Watch and Emperor Watch have both gone up in price. Years of investing and disecting this very subject has taught me that even if the price of a stock rises, it could still fall the very next month and put one in negative territory. (more…)