The net current asset value strategy is not a strategy that only works in countries such as USA and Japan. It also works in other countries internationally. If you are thinking of utilizing the net current asset value strategy internationally, this book is for you.  At the end of the day, value is value. You cannot run way from that.

If a company is $100 million in cash, a building worth $20 million which is generating rental income for the shareholders and a market capitalization of $60 million, you can bet that the company is undervalued. When something like that occurs in the stock markets, smart investors, management will take a execute a buyout of the company. Why? The company is already trading at a low price to its assets on the balance sheets. By doing so, the control shareholder gets to enjoy the difference between his purchase price and his estimate of the intrinsic value of the company. Now, consider the case where the above company is profitable. There is now an even greater incentive for smart investors to do something.

Underlying this perspective of investing is the net current asset value approach. The approach has worked and will continue to work for many years to come as human psychology remains unchanged in the foreseeable future.

Net Current Asset Value Strategies For the International Investor

Net Current Asset Value Strategies For the International Investor

This book will feature :

  • Case studies of companies in different coutries
  • Companies from Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Canada
  • How to find multi-bagger opportunities
  • How finding beaten down stocks can earn 100% to 300% for an investor
  • Why being contrarian will pay off in a big way
  • How to utilize the net current asset value approach to other markets
  • In case study will come with an exercise of how to do net current asset value analysis for a company

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