You are convinced that the net current asset value approach works but you have no idea how to implement a portfolio based on a net current asset value portfolio or what to look out for. Look no further that this book. This book features real world case studies for the amateur investor who is getting started investing in the stock market. And the aim of this book is to help you along that journey to build a $20 million portfolio invested in deep value securities in the USA.

This book has a wealth of information regarding how you should pick out stocks in the USA. Understand that and if USA is a market that you would like to invest in, this book will serve you well.

This book will feature:

  • The contrarian approach of looking at stocks
  • The investing philosophy of the investing gods – The net current asset value strategy
  • Numerous real world case studies where each case study takes up a single chapter.
  • Identify patterns that make for successful investing using the net current asset value approach
  • How to avoid value traps
  • How to earn 100% to 500% on boring, ignored, beaten down stocks

This book is part of a series of books called The $20 Million Investor Blueprint. It is written with the aim of helping investors to grow their money in the US markets.

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