Japan. The land of the rising sun and a world of opportunities to international investors who are willing to venture from the comforts of their domestic markets to explore a market that had many hidden gems. This book is about using the net current asset value approach in a market such as Japan. Does the strategy work in Japan? You bet it does!

In this book, you will find countless case studies that talks about how to invest in the Japanese markets and what to look out for. The approach we favor over others is the net current asset value approach. This approach is written about in every case study that is in this book.

Deep Value Net Current Asset Value Stocks in Japan

Deep Value Net Current Asset Value Stocks in Japan

The book will feature:

  • What to look out for in hidden gems in the Japanese stock market
  • The net current asset value approach in Japan
  • Numerous real world case studies
  • How to find opportunities that can give a percentage profit of 100% to 300%
  • How to look for stocks that are natural candidates for takeovers or buyouts
  • How to be a serial compounder in the Japanese markets using the net current asset value approach

Japan has many high quality deep value stocks. As such, it is a market that should not be ignored. Extend your portfolio to the Japanese markets and watch your portfolio grow!

So the above is a professional front for what the book is all about. But I have to tell you that the Japanese stock market in my experience has served me well.

In fact, I had a recent experience in the form of a company called Leader Electronics Corporation. In a matter of months, the company had risen by more than 100%.(You can read an extremely short case study about the company in this blog)

And on top of that, the company was loss making. Typically, for loss making companies, investors make an effort to shun them. But the truth is you can find some really depressed prices in loss making companies that make good investments especially if they are asset based bargains.

But first of course, you would have to rewire your mind to be able to deal with such companies. You have to have the gumption and the fortitude to go where others fear to tread. You have to have the will to stand apart. Have you got what it takes my dear friend?

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