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Find deep value net current asset value stocks the world over. We are talking about markets such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, Hong Kong and more.

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You will find lists of the cheapest quantitative stocks on the planet. Find your treasure with TheHolyFinancier.

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Take advantage of our articles, case studies of success and case studies of failures. If you would like to sharpen your skills as an investor, you will find detailed advice of how to make the net current asset value strategy work for you.

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Join us in building a community of passionate investors. We are not here for the short haul. The long haul is what we are after.


Get acquainted with the net current asset value strategy by following our research and our investment analyses. Shorten your learning curve by looking at our proprietary methods for net current asset value investing.

Books With Case Studies

We have written 4 books on net current asset value stocks in various markets and 1 book on a low price to book strategy. These books offer gems of information which are seldom discussed elsewhere. Get ready to rewire yourself for investment success.

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